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Electrical Repair

Electrical devices break and wear out over time. When you are searching for an electrician near me you will know we are here to repair or replace whatever it is that failed.

Licensed Electrician Fort Collins

Weather, time, and faulty wiring all contribute to failure. We help get things repaired so you can get back to work, sleep, or play, knowing that you hired the right people.

We Get It Right–The First Time

Whether yours is a residential, commercial, or light industrial property, we know how important it is to work with a fully-licensed and insured electrical contractor that gets the job done right–the first time. We're here to help you with: 

  1. New or retrofit electrical wiring
  2. Commercial facilities electrical service work
  3. Control wiring
  4. Residential and Commercial energy efficient solutions
  5. Electrical inspection for real estate
  6. Residential and commerical electrical repair
  7. Light industrial and agricultural electrical service and repair
  8. Electrical wiring for residential remodeling

Don't compromise the integrity of your electrical system by hiring contractors that lack the experience and the proper license to keep you safe. We've seen subpar work and we fix it every day of the week for our clients. We're here to help keep your family, staff, and business operational.

Electrical Maintenance

Any kind of property owner want to make sure that their home or business, and the people in it, are safe. An important aspect of home and business safety is having a good routine of electrical maintenance.

Fort Collins Electric Maintenance and Repair

The benefits of routine electrical maintenance outweigh the cost:

  • Can Save Lives
    Making sure that all electrical installations are safe by a qualified electrician will help to keep problems away.
  • Routine Electrical Maintenance Protects Expensive Equipment
    Maintaining your electrical system helps makes electronics and equipment last longer. Preventative electrical maintenance can be viewed as an investment.
  • Routine Electrical Maintenance Reduces Energy Costs
    Routine electrical maintenance reduces your energy costs and will save you money in the long run.

A routine electrical maintenance plan is just as important for your safety as locking the doors to your home our business at night. We can provide a free estimate on how we can help you stay safe and save money.

Emergency Electrical Service

When you have electrical problems and are in need of a licensed electrician, we're here to help right away and we show up stocked with many common electrical parts to get the job done.

Fort Collins Emergency Electrical Repair

Electrical problems can happen at any time, and they will probably happen when it is most inconvenient. We can help when:

  • A storm strikes and you need critical repairs.
  • Inspect to make sure that your home or facility is safe.
  • Provide recommendations for correcting issues.
  • Provide a plan for preventing future problems.

Electrician services

  • Air conditioning installation
  • Electric water heaters
  • Generator transfer systems
  • Power generators
  • Attic, bath, ceiling, and exhaust fans
  1. Interior and exterior lighting
  2. Security, landscape, and low voltage lighting
  3. Breakers and fuse replacement
  4. Dedicated circuits for equipment and devices
  5. Code compliance, panel inspections, and safety checks
  1. Outlets and switch repair and relocation
  2. Smoke and fire detection
  3. Whole house surge protection
  4. Remodel wiring
  5. Whole house rewiring

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